The Circuit Showmanship contest

About The Circuit 

Introducing the Oklahoma Circuit-an in state competition within “The Circuit” hosted by the Goat

Gab Podcast, a nation wide showmanship contest for youth dairy goat exhibitors. The

Oklahoma Circuit is an opportunity for the youth of Oklahoma to compete within the state

(Oklahoma Circuit) for awards while also competing on the national level (“The Circuit” hosted

by the Goat Gab Podcast).

How it works-The same form submitted to “The Circuit” hosted by the Goat Gab podcast will be

submitted to for entry into the Oklahoma Circuit.

Who can participate-Oklahoma youth that are current members (youth or individual) of the

Oklahoma Dairy Goat Breeders Association.

Entry fees-$5 youth membership to Oklahoma Dairy Goat Breeders Association and $5

Oklahoma Circuit contest fee

How to submit entries-A copy of The Goat Gab Showmanship Circuit Submission Form can be

emailed to for entry to the Oklahoma Circuit and the same

form can be submitted to Goat Gab. All submissions to the Oklahoma Circuit are due by Nov. 1,


How are winners determined-The youth accumulating the most points at the shows hosted in

Oklahoma will be awards prizes. Winners will be announced by Nov. 15, 2023.

All questions can be submitted to

Rules and how to enter

Oklahoma Circuit Rules 2023.pdf

Enter here

Entry form for the Goat Gab Circuit and Oklahoma Circuit



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