Oklahoma Dairy Goat Breeders Association 


Welcome to the Oklahoma Dairy Goat Breeders Association, a place for all things dairy goats. We hope you will join us to connect to other breederes, promote the dairy goat industry in out great state, and encourage youth participation.

Fundraising Alert!

Alfalfa Raffle!

We are selling 100 tickets at $10 a piece for a 21 bale bundle of alfalfa hay!! It's 3rd cutting and was sprayed, grown in Newkirk, OK. We are NOT guaranteeing horse quality. We weighed a few bales and they are averaging 55lbs.

How to enter:

Send $10 for each space you want to the PayPal Oklahomadairygoats@gmail.com include in the notes your email and phone number, and the number spot you would like, please include a first and second choice! Numbers are given out first come first served, if the numbers you picked is already taken you will get an email asking for your next choice.

Once all 100 tickets are sold we will use a random number generator to choose the winner!

Hay is located in Stillwater, OK.

1 Rhonda D.

2 Natalie P.

3 Wendy V.

4 Christina A. 

5 Raymond Z.

6 Christina A.

7 Layla M.

8 Darla B.

9 Mary P.

10 Charlee J.

11 Stephanie L.

12 Suzanne M.

13 Faustian S.

14 Terry K.

15 Raymond Z.

16 Darla B. 

17  Suzanne M. 

18 GoatGirlz

19 Mary P.

20 Charlee J.

21 Rhonda D.

22 Layla M.

23 Darla B.

24 GoatGirlz

25 Stephanie L.

26 Raymond Z.

27 Stephanie W.

28 Christina A.

29 Mary P.

30 Layla M.

31 GoatGirlz

32 Stacey R.

33 Raymond Z.

34 Christina A.

35 Rhonda D.

36 Wendy V.

37 Bridgett H.

38 Sarah H. 

39 Mary P.

40 Julie F.

41 Melissa H.

42 Layla M.

43 Leslie B.

44 GoatGirlz

45 Raymond Z.

46 Suzanne M.

47 Bridgett H.

48 Christina A.

49 Mary P.

50 Rhonda D. 

51 Sarah H. 

52 Christina A.

53 Yalonda B.

54 Chloe M.


56 Raymond Z.

57 Julie F.

58 Bridgett H. 

59 Mary P.

60 Charlee J.


62 Raymond Z.

63 Christina A.

64 Darla B. 

65 Sarah H. 

66 Yalonda B.

67 Darla B.


69 Mary P.

70 Charlee J.


72 Sydnie P.

73 Sarah H. 

74 Darla B.

75 Layla M.

76 Christina A.

77 Raymond Z.

78 Yalonda B. 

79 Mary P.

80 Christina A.


82 Layla M.

83 Yalonda B. 

84 Darla B.

85 Suzanne M.


87 Sarah H. 

88 Raymond Z.

89 Mary P.


91 Suzanne M.

92 Raymond Z.

93 Natalie P.

94 Natalie P.

95 Christina A.


97 Yalonda B. 


99 Mary P.

100 Rhonda D. 

Our Mission

To promote the dairy goat industry in Oklahoma by encouraging the breeding of quality dairy goats, promoting the public exhibition of dairy goats at fairs and other shows and promoting closer fellowship among goat owners and enthusiasts by supporting the activities of other dairy goat clubs. To educate the public about the benefits and value of dairy goats and their products. To facilitate the interchange of knowledge and ideas to strengthen the dairy goat industry in Oklahoma. To support, encourage and engage youth in the dairy goat industry through education, exhibition, fellowship and scholarship.

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The ADGA National Convention being held in Tulsa, OK this year is coming up! Click here to learn more!